Where is the Jamboree?

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, a 10,000-acre facility located in West Virginia, USA. The reserve is the current home of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Scout Jamboree which is help every 4 years. The facilities that the site has to offer are mind boggling and even more impressive when you realise the the site was built for Scouting, they’re out of this world!

The Jamboree site will be like a small city with over 45,000 residents. The site will be divided into 5 base camps where us as the contingent will camp. All of the base camps have permanent shower blocks and toilets which is a real bonus and something your cherish after a week and a half camping! The Jamboree will have a grocery store where we pick up our food for our meals. There will also be several shops that will provide jamboree souvenirs, Scouting gear, food, snacks, drinks and more. There will also be laundry facilities, bank and postal services, along with the site having Wi-Fi hotspots and being covered by 5G.

Below are some of the mind boggling stats about the site and what it has on offer:

  • Longest combined zip lines in the world (5.45 miles/8.7 kilometers)
  • Longest canopy course in the country (9.55 miles/15.3 kilometers)
  • Largest man-made outdoor climbing facility in the country (218 stations)
  • Top purpose-built mountain biking facility in the country
  • Second-largest outdoor skate park in the country (4.6 acres/1.7 hectares)
  • Second-largest BMX facility in the country (13.7 acres/5.3 hectares)
  • Third-largest combined rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting venue in the country (more than 250 stations)
  • Third-largest archery range in the country (116 stations)
  • Largest natural outdoor arena in West Virginia (80,000 capacity)
  • Access to one of the top-rated rafting, kayaking, and fishing rivers in the country
  • Access to some of the most popular climbing areas in the country

To get a sense of the scale of the site, here’s it compared to the size of Crawley:

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