Camp 1 – Mexico

We arrived at the camp all ready for a great weekend, catching up with our friends on what had happened since the day out. All of the leaders had their sombreros on which fitted nicely with the Mexican theme.

We then put up our own tents in a restricted area to prepare for what the Jamboree will be like. After camp was all set up we played rounders which ended up with us all covered in mud but that was inevitable due to the muddy conditions. 2nd base was no longer a base, but a puddle! It turned out to be an extremely sunny day which most of us weren’t prepared for, let’s just say the majority of the unit was a bit on the red side. As a unit, we looked like a bunch of cherry tomatoes.

All of us participated in different activities which were done in a circuit, we did: badge making, word association, improvisation and fire making. The badge had our name on, so we could all get to know each other better. The improvisation was particularly fun because the other group came up with a theme, then we had to do a story using each letter of the alphabet in order. There were some incredible creative answers!

Dinner consisted of makeshift tacos, with boat type tortillas which were filled with rice, chicken, lettuce, onion, and if you were brave enough, some chillies. They were quite spicy, as some scouts found out! After this, we had a piñata to play with. We had to crouch down and spin round a stick 10 times and then try to hit it. Harry was first, but the leaders forgot to blindfold him, so he spun round and hit it clean off! It was alright though because after some true scouting improvisation, the leaders tied the rope around its neck and we carried on. Half of the scouts either ended up falling over or hitting the air to death! We then played some wide games and finished off the day with a campfire and some songs too.

After waking up the next morning, running to get our boarding cards, and running to the gate to get there on time (a lap around the field at 8:30 in the morning), we enjoyed hashbrown and bacon tortillas for breakfast. We were then tasked with packing our daysack for an upcoming hike. We were split into 4 groups and each group had a different order of places to go. They included Bramber Castle, Upper Beeding church, Small Dole high street and the campsite itself. It was a long hike, but a very enjoyable one, even if it was a bit muddy in places!

At each stop, we had to complete a task which would give us one of the digits to unlock mikes phone and stop a timer. The one with the fastest time won. To finish the camp off, we broke the flag, saluted and said our farewells to each other. It was a very fun and memorable camp and we can’t wait till the next one!

Written by the comms team of Harry, Niamh, Charlie, Erin, Sydney and Sam.

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