A Leader’s day out

Before every camp and event, we have multiple planning meetings, as a Leader team, to make sure everything is planned out, so the event will run smoothly. Unfortunately, our final meeting before camp 2, Sophia was away on Brownsea Island, so we decided to take the meeting to her!

It was an early start for Peter, Mike and Rachael, leaving West Sussex at 5 in the morning. We all hopped in the car and headed down to Poole harbour, so we could catch a boat across to the island. After waiting on the Quay our vessel arrived; a 6-man safety boat.

After hopping in the boat, we started our crossing to Brownsea Island under some grey ominous clouds and very strong winds. As we exited the harbour it became increasingly choppy and it was a rough ride. After 20 minutes of holding our breakfast in we arrived at the South Lodge, where we were greeted by a smiling Sophia and loads of peacocks!!

She took us on a tour of the Island, starting at the Scout campsite. This was where the first experimental Scout camp was held in 1907 by Lord Baden-Powell and is still used today. We checked out the “Provie” Scout shop which contained some history of Scouting and an abundance of unique badges. Also loads of Scarfs were hanging from the ceiling, all from Scouts from across the globe who had visited there.

After getting the obligatory selfies at the campsite, we continued our tour of the island, which at this point was a lot sunnier and less windy. First stopping at the Pottery Pier, Maryland, the natural playground, the church and quay.

After getting a lift from a warden, we arrived back at the South lodge, where we had our meeting, the reason we were there! After 3 hours of planning, discussion and talking about camp #2, further camps and the Jamboree, we were all done. We then took some time to chill and took in the amazing views of the harbour and sea.

Then we hopped back in the boat, and on calmer seas and under brighter skies, header back to Poole harbour to start our journey home together.

It was a fantastic day and an amazing opportunity to see where Scouting all started and the reason why we have a Jamboree to go to!! If you ever get the chance to go, it’s something you shouldn’t miss.

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