Oh Canada!!

When we first arrived on the site we were split into four equal groups, four patrols, with the goal to try and find all 20 orienteering codes around the entire Broadstone Warren campsite, this was a fun activity to do because while we were travelling to each code we got to know each other a lot better.

After completing this we, we ate our lunch, put up our tents and event shelters, which we would be eating under. Once we all finished eating our 4 patrols, merged becoming two to do the activities to come, one of the activities was to write a letter for yourself to open after the entire Jamboree experience which will be a great way of remembering the lead up to the event, then we all switched round to do the site’s low ropes which were a really fun activity, but also quite difficult.

Once we were finished with all the activities, we started to make fires to cook our food on. With one group making a massive fire, after putting too much dry wood on. The cooking was interesting as we were all given the same ingredients and told to make dinner, leading us to do some very creative things. Whilst we had to cook for our patrols, we were also told to cook for 1-2 leaders on the campsite, meaning we had to make some half decent food! The ingredients we were given were chicken, potato, leek and onion with some herbs, garlic and tomato purée to share between the groups. After we finished eating our delicious meals (according to our leaders), we played some wide games including a new game called the polish game. This had nothing to do with Poland, but it was basically a wrestling game, which everyone enjoyed. To finish the night, the group had a campfire before going to sleep to prepare for the next day.

The next morning, we all had a feast for a breakfast, that tied in the Canada theme by having pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, blueberry muffins, blueberries and bananas, just to make it slightly healthy. Everyone was suitably satisfied with this feast as there were many clean plates being washed up. After we had washed up, the leaders told us to get daypacks ready and our flight tickets out. All of us thought that we would be going on a hike, but thankfully we weren’t. Instead most of us discussed badge designs and the ones that weren’t there Saturday wrote up our letters. There were some very inventive and creative badge designs, my favourite being a West Virginia number plate with the unit name on it, however the unit is still to decide on a badge design.

After this, it was time to take down the tents and clear up the campsite. This is always the worst part of a camp because you know that it is coming to an end. However, once we had finished the packing up, we were all surprised to find we had a very talented opera singer in our unit. Amelie did a small performance for the unit towards the end of the camp, which everyone appeared to enjoy. We also can’t forget to say about Mike’s circus fail. Mike decided it was his turn to show his skills and got out his favourite diablo. He wanted to see how high he could throw it successfully. This seemed a good idea at the time, however with trees around, he soon regretted doing it. The unit then spent the next half an hour trying to get it down, using a ball rocket, a rugby ball, 3 tennis balls and the flagpole! Unfortunately to us, we gifted the campsite with a diablo, a ball rocket and a tennis ball in the trees, much to everyone’s amusement. After Sofia trying one last time to force us to eat cake so there wasn’t any waste, the camp drew to a close.

As far as we know, everyone enjoyed this camp, especially the breakfast and the weather and here’s to the next meeting of Unit 67!

Written by the comms team of Harry, Niamh, Charlie, Erin, Sydney and Sam.

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