What are we going to eat?

One key part of the Jamboree experience is what we’re going to eat. With the scale of the Jamboree, the diversity of the cultures and the desires of everyone there, there’s a lot to cater for. Over the coming weeks, there will be several posts about the topic as we delve into how they are going to manage it there and the shopping process.

At the Jamboree, units will be able to have a real choice of what they have for breakfast, lunch and dinner as we’re be choosing the food we have each time we shop. This has the added benefit for accommodating members of the unit who have dietary requirements. See the video below for an introduction to food at the Jamboree:

Units will be able to shop at one of the food markets positioned in each base camp. it’ll consist of a large tent containing pallets of popular food items and racks with smaller food items. Each of the food markets will have the same product items in each of them, so no one misses out! Below is an example of some of the groceries in the store that will be available in store:


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