Planning our meals

Our meals will be entirely based on what we buy from the food markets. There will be menus available to provide some inspiration, but at the end of the day it’s down to us. Below are some examples of draft menus:


As a unit we will need to think about what we’d like to eat so we can plan and prepare. It’s not necessary that everyone eats the same meal every day, but when you’ve got 40 to cook for it’s a lot easier if everyone has the same. Also the kitchen equipment provided is designed to cook for 40 people rather then cooking in patrols if each wanted to make their own thing. Saying that the food market encourages us to have various meals as long as we can find a practical way of cooking it.

Even if we have planned before the Jamboree, probably when we get there we’ll change our mind about the meals we have and as we go through the Jamboree too. The breakfast will be tailored to our activities that day, cold breakfast instead of hot. Or we’ve been inspired by the Jamboree and want to try something else. Or it’s what we want to have.

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