Camp 3 – Chichester

On the 17th of November, we all prepared for our 3rd camp together. All we knew was that it would be in Chichester and to bring something American and a musical instrument. We arrived in the centre of Chichester at 10:00 am and were all very excited to see each other again. We then walked into the centre of the city to find we would be split into patrols. Each patrol was then given 5 sheets, 4 of which had pictures of the letter “e” on them from different street shops, each sheet representing a street in Chi (north, south, east and west). The other sheet had pictures of places/items in Chi that could be found through the city map using the numbered locations. Each patrol had a leader, and each patrol was sent out in a different direction to prevent copying! This was no small task as we had the whole afternoon to find all the e’s across Chi, we didn’t find them all because of how many there were.


After this walk-filled afternoon, we went back to the scout hut to get settled in and also receive our first challenge. This was that we had £30 per patrol and we had to cook for the whole patrol and a leader (10 people in total). The meal also had to be American themed and include stuff for lunch. Easy! Most people thought. So each patrol either had burgers or hot dogs! This was also extremely difficult, trying to fit 2 meals for 10 people into £30. We then cooked, ate and cleared away our dinner. We were then offered to watch a film and were given a choice. Surprisingly, Pitch Perfect got the winning vote, wrapping up the first very fun day of our camp.


In the morning we got our second challenge: to go to “the mobile breakfast shack” (Rachel’s car) and pick up our breakfast to be ready for our activity at 8 am. This meant going to get our breakfast at 6 am, which a lot of people weren’t… very happy with to say the least. This consisted of a very American breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and bananas, with some maple syrup of course. Everyone was then ready for our activity, we walked for an hour to a play park and completed our activity: to have a fun 20 mins playing! We then walked back as well.


After eating our lunch that we got Saturday, we completed some very fun but important team building games. One of them was to secretly pick 2 other people and try and stand in a way that you form an equilateral triangle. Of course, no-one chose the same 2 people, so if you moved, then the other 2 moved, which made even more move etc. This was an example of one person affecting the whole unit e.g. if one person is late, it makes the whole unit late. This was followed with cake and a sing-along/play your instruments. All in all a very fun second day. We all said our farewells and best wishes, ending a very fun and important camp in Chichester.


By the Comms Champion team.

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