Day 4 – London

This day had been in the diary for months so we were all looking forward to our first city experience as a unit. Going to London was a good chance for us to see what it will be like when we visit New York and Washington D.C, a chance for us to navigate our way around a huge place full of excitement. The first instructions for the day were to meet at London Bridge train station, the lower concourse, outside M&S at 10 am. We were advised to buy a “super off-peak day travelcard” as a group to keep costs down. I met the rest of the people from Worthing at Worthing train station at around 7:15 am. We got on the train (which was thankfully on time!!) and met others who got on at Lancing. After a short(ish) journey with no delays we got to London Bridge at 9 am, nice and early. After exploring the station and finally finding somewhere warm to sit down, it was time to meet everyone else. With some confusion over what M&S to meet at, we all managed to find each other in the end. Mike gave out our unit badges and we were put into our patrols for the day. We were then given a monopoly map that was themed around the Jamboree, for example, we had to visit the US embassy. Each location had a certain amount of points up for grabs so it was our choice where to visit in the time we had.

All 36 of us were split into 4 groups of nine, each with one leader to make it easier to navigate London. Once we roughly new where some of the places on the board were we went off, with the help of our super off-peak travel card we used the tube to help aid us on the task. We were each given a sheet with various locations around London, each location having a points value attached to them. These locations were America/Canada/Mexico themed in order to link with the 3 countries hosting the jamboree. We also had to take a picture at each location.


Each of our groups had different experiences, so it is hard to write about as a comms group, however in each of our patrols we did get some good, and some not-so-good photos of us at each location. I’m sure all of us also enjoyed being on our feet for the whole day and got in some good training for the real thing. I think for some people this day of walking was a good indication as to what our days in New York/Washington are going to be like, and from the comms group perspective, we cannot wait!!

Unit 67, Comms Champions

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