Camp 4 – Hammerwood

About 2 weeks before the camp, Mike had sent out an email to some of us asking us to plan an activity for the next camp. Many good ideas had been circulated between some of the scouts, including first aid, wide games, a baseball match and many more.

Early Saturday morning, most of the unit arrived outside a scout hut in East Grinstead and were grouped into patrols. This was the point that Niamh and myself realised that the people who were asked to do the activities were going to be a Patrol Leader or an Assistant Patrol Leader for that day. As anyone would be, we were very excited. We were then instructed to find our way to the campsite after seeing a map, down a country road and into the campsite. We put our tents up and changed out of our uniform ready for the first activity, baseball.

Niamh had organised the game as her activity for being PL at this camp. We got into 3 teams: batting, fielding, and “umpiring” (also known as shouting at the batter!). With the help of Oliver (the IST member assigned to our unit) and Niamh’s printed rules, we got to grips with the rules and started playing. The teams rotated so that each team had 2 rounds at each role. After many successful home runs, we finally knew more about the game and the teams we are going to see during our time in Washington. We then had lunch.


Each leader then joined a patrol: Sophia taught us about washing our clothes whilst we are there; Rachel shared ideas about food and got us thinking about potential meals; Peter revealed that we’re able to bring campsite decorations with us when we go and talk about idea for jumpers; Mike helped us produce a short video per patrol for the “100 Units in 100 Days” collection. After this, each patrol leader delegated different jobs to their patrol including putting up an event shelter, gathering firewood and collecting the shopping.


Dinner was bangers and mash with peas, carrots and gravy, followed by cake. After this, we discussed places we would like to see in our big city experiences, some of which included Central Park, The Mall and the Hershey’s store. We then did my activity which was wide games… in the rain. Then we rounded off a fun day by going to bed.


We woke up to a rainy morning sadly but started off by cooking hashbrowns and croquettes for breakfast along with bacon and beans. After packing up tents and the event shelters, it was time for another activity. Amelie and Gregor each did their activity at the same time, Gregor doing first aid training and Amelie doing Pictionary with playdough, both of which everyone enjoyed. Afterwards, Hayden led in his activity, which was a game where we were given a letter and had to think of a boy/girl name, a fruit, a vegetable, a country and a colour.


Before we knew it, it was lunchtime. After eating one too many jam sandwiches, it was time for a group photo. This photo was of all of us jumping in the air, partially for the “100 Units in 100 Days”. Then it was time to go home. We all had a wonderful time and we now feel more like a family.

By Harry and Niamh.

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