The Jamboree – part 2

24/07/2019 – Day 5  

Another early start for the unit as they wanted to head off around the site. Breakfast was pancakes and bacon which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The unit went off to take part in paddle boarding, rock-climbing and the canopy tours. The leaders chilled for the day, went for the shop to spend their money and I even went for a run to explore the site. The final campsite decorations were put into place and the gateway built.   

For a lot of the unit, it was their first time they had a shower. There were some hot showers on the site, only for the IST, so everyone was having a cold shower. You can hear the oo’s as people hit the cold water. Dinner was pasta and chicken with tomato sauce with brownies. The evening entertainment was the base camp bash with some country music from a local band. The whole of subcamp F turned up so there was a big crowd enjoying the music. Some of the unit got some of the free shirts they were handing out. Everyone came back in the party spirit and after another busy day all dozed off.  

Tip of the day: To deal with a cold shower; do it as quick as you can!!  

25/07/2019 – Day 6  

Day 6 started with a heavy fog across the campsite before the sun rose. It was a quick breakfast of cereal pots and bars as today we were due to climb Mt. Jack. Everyone got all their bags ready for the trek ready to leave at 8:30 am. Because of where our subcamp was we had a hike across the site first before we could even start the walk up the mountain. We started off heading through subcamp D, to the main arena. We took a photo at the Summit Bechtel Reserve sign in the sunlight, overlooking the stage and the site. We split into a couple of groups. One group continued across to Subcamp A for the start of the route and the others headed back to the camp to have a chill day or do some activities.  

The weather today was very hot and dunny. We continued across the site to the start of the Mt Jack trail. It took us about 1hrs 30 to walk across the site to the start. As we started the trail, we didn’t know what it would hold. We crossed under the start sign and started the ascent the mountain, walking along beautifully wooded trails. We were following the yellow route up the mountain which lead us in a loop around the mountain to the top. With frequent breaks, lots of music and laughter we continued up and up, crossing streams and leapfrogging other groups. Struggling through some injuries in the group, we supported each other until we made it to the top, greeted by some very cheery IST. In total it took up 2.5 hrs to hike up to the top from subcamp A.  

There were lots of activities at the top, and after enjoying some lunch and dance moves in the frontier village, we did some of the activities that were on offer, which included musket shooting. Next, we move onto pioneering which included the most impressive builds I’d never seen, including a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, games, bridges and sew saw. After we continued onto the Spartan race, which to anyone who doesn’t know, is an obstacle course race. Some of the group joined me on taking on the challenge. It was a 1- or 2-mile course including crawling in the mud, jumping over walls, carrying logs, monkey rings and lots of steep hills! It was made worse by the heat and the sun. Once completed we received some dog tags and a banana, well worth the effort.  

What goes up must come down, and we certainly headed down the mountain a lot quicker than we headed up it. As we headed down a different trail to the site, we got some great views across it, even being able to see the water tower signs in each of the subcamps, including ours in the distance. When we got back to Subcamp Alpha, we walked our way across the AT&T bridge before going back to the campsite. It took us 2.5 hours to walk down from the mountain back to our camp, a lot quicker than before. In total, we walked over 15 miles to and from the mountain. As the weary returned to the site, they were greeted with a meal of chicken, rice and veg, something that was very well needed. The rest of the evening was chilled for most, with some participants heading out to do some more swapping. Overall it was a great day and the achievement was enjoyed by all.  

Tip of the day: To experience greatness, you need to put in the hard miles  

26/07/2019 – Day 7  

We started the day with a great breakfast of sausage and egg muffins which everyone wolfed down. Today was the culture day for the whole Jamboree site, meaning no activities were running. Instead, it was a chance for all units to show off some of their cultures to everyone else. We spent the morning, transforming our campsite into the British seaside and made up some cakes, biscuits, cucumber sandwiches and angel delight (Butterscotch, the best flavour of course). Half the unit headed off to explore the cultures in our subcamp, whilst the others were being some great hosts to our guests from America, Japan, Australia, countries all around Europe and others from the UK. Guests were welcomed in and sat down to a great British cup of tea and sampled our selection of British food. I have to say that the Angel Delight was a big success. With music playing and fun being had by the guests, it was a great success. The unit also experienced a lot of cultures too, having traditional tea from Japan, sweets from Sweden and pronouncing names from Ireland, just to name a few. As we got back to our site, we also had a local visitor come and say hello, a bear!! It wasn’t the biggest bear, but luckily, he didn’t hang around for long but was awesome to see one in the flesh.  

Once it reached the afternoon the culture day was over and all that was left was a bit of cake, which was quickly scoffed. The unit was treated to some scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches by Molly, eaten in the blazing sun. The rest of the afternoon was filled with water fights, sunbathing and chilling. It was a little too hot to do much else and after some long days, well overdue.  

As it reached the evening, it was Mexican style chicken wraps and cookies for dinner. We had the pleasure of being joined by Oliver, an IST member from West Sussex. In the evening there was the camp-wide Unity show happening in the main arena. It was a show to celebrate cultures, traditions and beliefs shared by the Jamboree. Some of the participants decided to leave early, myself included, which they regretted. The highlight at the end of the show was “Broadway does Disney”, Broadway stars singing Disney classics. They belted out some fantastic sing-along classics which made to a brilliant end to the show according to the members of the unit that stayed.   

Tip of the day: Good things come to those that wait!!  

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