The Jamboree – part 3

27/07/2019 – Day 8  

The unit started the day with some Danishes and cereal ready for another exciting day on the Jamboree. It was another hot one, with temperatures over 30 degrees! Quite a lot of the participants tried to get off early to do some of the canopy tours. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the activities there was already a 5-hour queue meaning the missed out on it for another day. A lot did enjoy stand-up paddle boarding and water reality, the inflatable assault course.   

We leaders went off to explorer another side of the Jamboree, the food houses. At the Jamboree 11 food houses were showing off the cuisine and culture from that country. These included Brazil, Portugal, Canada to name but a few. We decided to try what the UK had to offer, loaded fries. After a queuing for the food (like all good Brits), we enjoyed sausage and chips and the only soft-serve ice-cream available on the site!! After a quick stop at the trade post shop on the way back, we meandered back to subcamp F.  

Dinner was hotdogs and burgers with salad, something we were craving! In the evening there weren’t any basecamp activities but some of the unit enjoyed the Pride events happening across the site, and the rest enjoyed some games with other units on our subcamp. Generally, this evening was a chilled one as people are starting to feel the effects of long hot days. For one participant, it was a quick visit to the medical centre to get some stitches after a game gone wrong. Thankfully there were no more incidences for the evening, and everyone made it back to bed.  

Tip of the day: After a short while, you crave to be healthy!  

28/07/2019 – Day 9  

We were welcomed by another hot day at the camp with a beautiful sunrise to greet the participants. Breakfast was sausage patties and egg patties, something the was becoming a staple at the Jamboree. A group headed out to do water activities for the day, including water reality and paddle boarding. Some of the participants even queued for over 4 hours to do the canopy tours, one of the most popular activities at the Jamboree at this stage.   

The leaders went to explore the “Spirit of the Jamboree” which was a history of all the past 24 Jamborees that have occurred, including badges and scarfs from them all along with a summary of them. We also explored the sustainability tree house which is a great example of how we can all be more conscious of the environment around us, how to recycle and look after the plant.   

We were joined by a couple of the IST, Harvey and Smiley, both from West Sussex for dinner. They are working on the mountain bikes and the canopy tours and have been very busy at the Jamboree!! Dinner was chicken, pasta and veg, something which everyone was still all craving, it was really good!! There weren’t any subcamp activities in the evening so some of the young people chilled, talked to the guests and played card games, the favourite being speed. Some others went out to swap more of their badges and scarfs. After a chilled evening, it was time for bed again.  

Tip of the day: Make the most of the queues, talk, laugh and swap!  

29/07/2019 – Day 10  

Another day at the Jamboree brought the same weather for the day, clear sunny and hot!! We started today with a traditional Canadian breakfast of pancakes and bacon and maple syrup.   

Some of the participants headed off do Scuba which was the closest activity to our subcamp F, and I decided to tag along. For the Scuba it was a quick taster session in some man-made pools. For once it was an activity that didn’t have a queue so there was no wait time, a rarity at the Jamboree. After being shown the ropes and how to breathe, we swam around the pools which gave a great chance to experience what it was like.  

The scuba zone was right next to the 21st century zone, which had activities like robots, VR, drone racing and welding, all activities that I took part in. I didn’t think that I would enjoy welding so much and I walked away with a box!! After a busy morning of various activities for the unit, the majority came back to get out of the sun and rest, they looked like a pack of lions in the midday sun.  

For dinner, we had some great pitta pizzas which were a nice change to the meals. After washing up, many of the participants decided to chill in camp, with some deciding to trade some more of their items and the rest heading to the final base camp bash in our subcamp. With the ones that stayed, lots of card games were played, including Irish snap and speed. Both are very popular with the unit to pass the times and it does get quite intense and exciting. The leaders revealed which of the participants were lucky enough to have a chance of going white water rafting later in the week. The participants headed off to bed at around 11 after what was a more chilled day at the Jamboree.   

Tip of the day: Make the most of any chance to try something new, you never know you might like it.  

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